Ghost Mannequin Tutorial; this is an image manipulation technique, and how to do it using Photoshop. The following example is using a jacket to show how to remove the mannequin and join the neck of the cloth, so that all you have the article of clothing for various types of display, without any mannequin present. To begin with, you want to start by putting up the photo of the front of the garment, (now on the clothes mannequin), the back of the garment and also the inside back of the garment, with the collar in an upright position. (You will need the label from the inside of the back of the shirt later).

Step 1:

First you want to crop the photo down so that you have a minimum of background showing behind the garment. To the left hand side of the screen you will have crop tool from the tool bar to work with.

Crop tool

Crop the image

Step 2:

Next, you will have the front of the garment displayed on the screen. Now you will want to duplicate a layer (which is Ctrl J).

Image croped

Create duplicate layer

Step 3:

Now you will select your Photoshop Pen tool to cut off the mannequin and the background from the garment.

Photoshop pen tool

Step 4:

Start at the top of the collar right next to the mannequin’s neck and the topmost part of the collar and begin working your way down along line of the mannequin’s neck. It doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect, just be sure to take small steps as you continue to work your way along the inside of the collar.

Path starts

Step 5:

When you reach the top of the collar, extend the path out to the edge of the page, then up to the top of the page, and over to other side of the page, then down and over to lower site.

path continue

Step 7:

Now you will repeat the process with the legs of the mannequin and complete creating path in next area and join it when you will get the “O” symbol.

Path complete

Step 6:

Then hold the control/command and click on path palate to select the paths, now inverse the selection and delete.

Path palate

path selected

Inversed the selction and delete

Step 9:

Next you will open the inside back of jacket and crop the label/collar area.

Backside of neck

Step 10:

Now click on Ctrl A, Ctrl C and Ctrl V move the small inside you just did onto the front on the first garment.

Placed back side in to the from garment

Step 11:

Then you move it underneath the first layer of the front of the garment so it shows through.

moved background underneeth front garment

Step 12:

Now you can decide how much shirt you will need.  After you are happy with the placement of the inside, we move on to the next step. Now select the pen tool again.

Photoshop pen tool

Step 14:

Start at the top of the collar and cut across the area you just inserted, to get rid of the excess material.

Cut the inside using the pen tool

Step 15:

Now click on Eraser tool to smooth out the rough edges and remove all the nicks and bumps on the collar. Then you blend in the areas so there is no seam between the collar and the inserted piece. You may leave a little shadow if you like for a natural look. Touch up any other areas to give it a more polished look.

Eraser tool

Smooth out the garment

Step 16:

You can use a brush, about a 25 size to add a little black/dark to inside the bottom of the collar on the top part of the label to add a bit of shading to give a realistic feel to it.

Final image

So that is a ghost mannequin tutorial on how you create a “Ghost” or make the mannequin “Invisible” using your Photoshop tools.

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