Learn how to turn a photo into a line drawing effect/sketch in Photoshop.

Welcome returned with any other simple educational for all of the Photoshop beginners. In this tutorial you may have come to know approximately how to show to turn a normal photo into a pencil to sketch. Observe the following instructions and say “how smooth” !!

You may use these steps with any picture you’ve got. But make certain that the image is at the white background.
Choose a photo with white background:

First thing you want to pick an photograph from your computer with white history to have the first-class impact. if you haven’t any photograph with white background, you can put off the background past manually the use of the Photoshop pen tool or the photo masking technique when you have the photograph with hazy hair. If you can’t, can follow our another tutorial on how to remove background from any image


Duplicate background layer:

The second one step is to get start from the background and placed it through dragging into the duplicate layer showing under the layer panel left of the delete button. if you don’t recognize approximately using layers in Photoshop – you may without difficulty get the primary expertise how to use layer in Photoshop.


Converting color photo to black & white:

Then we click the button named “Normal” and there could be a drop-down menu. There we are able to select the “Black & White” tab (then the picture might be became black and white in preference to shade). to close the drop-down menu – click on the double arrow signal.


Blending mode changing:

After that we will go to the blending alternative and pick out the “Color Dodge” alternative. This can result the photograph more contrast.


Invert the photo:

Then we need to invert the color following the steps below. Or you could go together with Ctrl+I


Then you will see like the image is disappeared.


Convert the layer to smart object:

Then we will proper click on the replica background past and pick out “convert to clever item” to transform the layer.

Implementation of Gaussian blur:

Within the clear out above – there we can follow “clear out->Blur->Gaussian” Blur to have the effect.

Adjust Gaussian blur window:

Then we need to regulate the radius. There you choose the radius 6.four. in case you want can alter with your own measure.


You will find the Gaussian blur option is in the layer panel:

You you will locate the Gaussian Blur window in the layer panel.


Simple line drawing effect:

You could use this this sketching (line drawing) which i’ve created to this point. if you want to make greater sensible impact can observe the subsequent steps below.


Again duplicate background copy layer:

After that we should make again a replica layer the usage of the Ctrl+J.


Drag/Move layer to top:

Then we will flow or drag the copied layer to Top.


Desaturating top layer:

Next we will visit the top of the screen and do as follow — adjustments > desaturate


Apply filter gallery:

At subsequent we will go to the Filter out on the top of the image and click on clear out Filter Galleryv choice. It results the negative effect and will let you see the outline of the photo.


We have to adjust style in filter gallery:

You ‘ll see a white line out of the photograph. at the left of the photo there you may discover an option “glowing Edges” to make the edge sharp and modify the brightness as you want. finally click on end to make the effect.

Inverting the image:

You ‘ll need to invert the picture once more with Ctrl+I or following the shown steps.


Changing the blending to multiply:

At last we want to remove of the white color, to do that we can discover the blend mode and need to change it to multiply.


Add shadow to the existing line drawing:

At subsequent you would possibly want to feature a touch shadow to improve the evaluation of the sketch. in this step you have to click on the background layer and replica it again. you Then need to drag this copied layer to the top of the layers.


Desaturating the image:

once more we need to Desaturate the photograph like we did before.


Applying the filter gallery:

Now you may move lower back again to the filter out choice and there pick the filter out gallery. After that there you will find a popup menu with sketch selection,, and there you’ll choose the comic strip called charcoal. This will bring a result with sketch effect which is near similar to the pencil made sketch drawing. You need you adjust other setting according to your want. Click Ok at last.


Changing the blending to multiply:

At closing we need to cast off the white shade, to try this we are able to find the combination mode and need to change it to multiply.


Before after result:



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