Photoshop Image Resizing

Cropping and resizing is an easy step yet has a huge visual impact when comes to photo editing. Resized photographs mean the alterations in the pixel dimensions, the resolution and the physical size of the photos. Many photos can be greatly improved by image transformation. And reasons to make resizing are improve overall composition, remove unwanted objects, and focusing the main products or to meet the specific websites requirements (Amazon, eBay).

Reasons to Crop photos

Top reasons what chooses photo resizing:
  • larger images take up more server space. Resizing can save upload/download speed.
  • Screen size is a limiting factor which determines the resolution. Normally, image monitor screen size is 640*480 pixels display thus, it can’t display more pixels images. Our service contains the pixel dimensions and image resolution to fit in the desired on-screen monitor.

Forms of Image Resizing

By cropping and resizing images , we can specify the height and width as well as select the required photo format. Please note that resizing of photographs effects the amount of data in the images. When the pixel dimensions are fixed, decreasing the size will result in increasing the resolution of that picture.

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