Photoshop is extensively utilized in Design Art sector / digital art / Photography work / digital studio and ETC. It has many gear for doing the work on this quarter. Eraser device is one of them. This tool is a lot vital and helpful for an image editor or fashion designer.

Eraser tool:

Photoshop eraser device is observed inside the tool bar of Photoshop tool plate. it is shown on second assembly of device plate on Photoshop. The eraser is generally looks as if a brush tool that’s wipe out pixel shape background from the picture.

Types of eraser tool:

Eraser tool has three types

Eraser tool:This tool gets rid of pixel or transparency the color from image background.
Background eraser tool: This tool helps you to removes the history shade from an picture or layer.
Magic eraser tool: This is a further ordinary supporting device that is commonly works on clicking by means of mouse but no want to drug on image.

Having this three sorts Eraser tool specifically works on three modes as Brush (normal edges), Pencil (strong edges) and Block (identical brush length).

Why we need this tool:

Eraser tool essentially need for changing background from layer, deleting the unexpected colour or elements on photo, for hair masking, felling color back part on the image and many different works.

How it works:

We are able to use it via following this instruction –


First we need to click on on eraser tool from Photoshop tool plate.

Then we want to point that the coloration which we want applies on our background or choose a Layer in locked transparency.

Next from the option bar we want to select the mode setting like Brush and Pencil.

We need to be careful in the device of opacity and flow.

To erase the background then we want to click the left column of the snapshot from history panel and drag the mouse via the place which we need to removes.

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